I am a student at Eastern Washington University. I am majoring in electrical engineering. I have attended EWU since 2011 and will graduate in June 2016. I have always had an interest in taking things apart and figuring out how they work. When I was younger I always struggled with how they went back together after taking them apart but have learned from my mistakes and have now learned how to get most things back together. I have played with Legos my entire life and have learned how to follow instructions well. I enjoy working on cars, bicycles, and electronics to make them last as long as possible. I was an Electricians Mate in US Navy for six years, worked construction, and a service technician on overhead cranes which gave experience with troubleshooting problems and how to fix said problems. I have experience with all kinds of tools including tools used for construction, auto repair, and electronics. I am very driven when it comes to fixing things and won’t quit until whatever I’m working on is fixed or so broken that it could never possibly be repaired. I have followed many how to instructions from online resources and I’m excited to make my own that will help another DIYer like myself.