I am currently majoring in Electrical Engineering. I may also be looking into Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. I may also peruse a minor in math as well as physics. My main interests in my field on designing and building new things mainly with electrical wiring and the like. I enjoy being able to fix things as well as working on new things and broaden my horizons with technology. I have been at Eastern Washington University since the fall of 2012. I hopefully plan to graduate in 2018 depending on how life goes. I am used to working with technology and like building things. I am mechanically inclined and feel that I would be able to understand most technical applications. I have experience in working with generators and motors as well as working with circuits and many other pieces of technology. Usually when I work on something mechanical or electrical I will spend countless amounts of time on it until I see a desired result. I try to look at different problems from every perspective I can think of towards working on a solution. When I fix something I believe that I am able to put the greatest amount of use out of an item.