Tobias Cain

Electrical Engineer

BS obtained from Eastern Washington University 2015

Currently located in Washington

About Me:

I have always been interested in finding out how things work. I have had both positive and negative experiences in repair. When I was a child I dismantled a PS2 that had a disk read error in hopes of fixing it. Once I got it disassembled I found that I had no idea how it went back together. Which leads to one of my first lessons learned:

Order and organization are very important

I was later able to successfully repair a Dreamcast with the lessons I learned from my previous failure. Which leads to my next lesson learned:

Failure will happen, use it as a learning opportunity

I since have worked on repair of various things with various degrees of success, things such as Iphone generation 3gs-5s, Xbox 360 and Ps3 controllers and may differing laptops computers and general electronics. Many of the problems I have solved have been software as well as physical repair.