Providing a mobile device repair in Southern New Mexico ¶ 

Mobile Repair Service On The Go!! ¶ 

Hello everyone!

Beginning of 2015, I started my business providing a mobile service. Customers can contact me and I report to their location to perform the repair they need on their phone or tablet.

Service is a favorite for business people that are too busy and have not time to deal with driving around in circles looking for someone to repair their device.

I can meet a customer at their place of work or business, home or a coffee shop or restaurant. I have even done repairs from the back of my car.

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I run a few tests on the device in front of customer. Once the customer has been notified of any possible issues, if any. I let them know they can continue on with their regular day to day activities and I will flag them down once repair has been completed.

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Feel free to read some of the work performed on my Facebook Page

Check out my website! Still a working progress, any ideas greatly appreciated!

How did I get started in this? I would perform repairs for family and friends on facebook for free. Found that many of them loved the convenience of not having to look for a shop. That's when I found an awesome network (name Not mentioned) of over 2000 technicians like myself. After completing many hours of training and certification testing, I became part of this network providing repair service. Work perform under this awesome network is covered with a lifetime warranty that follows you through out the USA and backed by 2000-plus of us.

Thank you for your time and look me up if you ever in New Mexico!