• Answer to: Cant insert disk intoMacBookPro5,5 13" Intel Core 2 Duo 2.53Hhz

    Swampbug3, in my not-very-humble opinion, the slot loading optical drives are garbage; they are too small physically for the mechanical complexity to be reliable, and are the Achillies heel of any Mac they are used in. I have around ten different Macs ranging back to the Original Powerbook 100, and EVERY slot drive has crapped out on me; the only one that works is the one I replaced in my iMac recently, while I have about four tray drives ranging all the way back to a Powerbook 1700CS that still works like a charm. I think it's about time us consumers pressured Apple into stopping degrading their great products with garbage drives! Mayer is right; the only fix is to pay a hundred bucks, and spend many hours swapping out one garbage drive for a new garbage drive and hoping for the best. Personally I'm going with an external Firewire drive, NOT slot-loading! My two bits worth...


  • MacBook Core Duo Fan Replacement

    Should read "Remove the following 4 screws..."

    and needlenose pliers will be useful for removing the 3mm screw under the display cable on the right side of the fan.

  • MacBook Core Duo Fan Replacement

    There's no point in derouting the fan cable if you're planning to install an entire new fan with shroud. If you're just going to replace the fan and motor into the old shroud, (as the last picture seems to indicate, then this makes sense.

  • MacBook Core Duo Fan Replacement

    My experience was that the most difficult, time-consuming step of the entire job was getting that blasted little 3mm screw back into the right side of the fan shroud under the cables! I took the old shroud apart to look at it, and I will DEFINITELY take Guillaume's advice and just replace the top of the shroud and fan if there should ever be a next time. You can still blow the cooling fins clean with the compressed air through the bottom of the shroud, (and I would recommend blowing the dirt from the fan out through the back, not vice versa, so you don't blow the lint back into the computer.

    (Thanks, guys; it sure is a good idea to read the comments BEFORE starting the job!)

    And THANKS, ifixit, for your superb manuals, (and allowing comments!) I've often used this as an example of an excellent website!)

  • iBook G3 12" Upper Case Replacement

    Hey Steve; My advice would be to NEVER replace a tray drive with a slot drive! In my-not-very-humble opinion, slot drives are garbage, and are unfit to be used in ANY Mac computer.

  • iMac Intel 17" Optical Drive Replacement

    What possible reason can there be for dis-connecting the thermal sensor connector from the logic board, when step 26 or so tells you to pry the sensor off the drive? Why stress a logic board connector, then try de-routing the cable from underneath the board, when you're going to disconnect it at the other end anyway? Why not leave it on the board and just pry it off the drive? (And the same with the hard drive temp sensor.)

  • iMac Intel 17" Optical Drive Replacement

    This is retarded! Why bother with the additional strain on everything taking off a connector and cable wrapped around other stuff, for no reason? You have to remove the heat sensor from the drive anyway, just take it off and leave the connector and cabling and motherboard alone!

    Please correct me if I'm missing something here, but doesn't this seem a totally unnecessary step?

  • iMac Intel 17" Optical Drive Replacement

    I agree 100% with dsmacd; one tool they left off the list for this job is needle-nosed vice grips to tug and push and pry and wriggle and twist that stoopid tray out of there. Man, everything about Mac's optical drive sucks! I've got 2 & 4-year-old machines with bad slot drives, (all the same; won't eject; two replacements same!) and 8 & 10 year-old machines with well-used tray drives, still working like a charm. Apple, get the message; it's too small a package to cram in such mechanical complexity. Go back to a reliable tray drive!

  • iBook G3 12" Inverter/AirPort Cables Replacement

    Got a couple of used dental picks from a dentist; one of the most useful tools I have!

  • iBook G4 12" 800 MHz-1.2 GHz Inverter/AirPort Cables Replacement

    Tweezers work a lot better than the spudger to remove the backlight connector...

  • iBook G3 12" Display Data Cable Replacement

    STEP 47: I discovered those bezel screws are clearly NOT 1.5mm; under a high-power magnifying glass, the 1.5mm bit was very obviously too small, just barely turning an undamaged screw. However in an old Archer (radio shack) hex key set I found the second-smallest hex key was the EXACT fit for these screws. The package said 'from .050 to 3/8", so I'm guessing that the second smallest key was probably .040, (40 thousandths of an inch.)

    If your screws don't come out easily the first time, try to find the correct-sized bit, because I can tell you from this experience that drilling out one of those blasted screws is not a fun job!