• Answer to: Trackpad Button Not working But keyboard is Fine

    Sounds like it's out of adjustment, there is a silver torx that you can adjust the pressure for the click if it feel flat no matter what the you need to replace the trackpad
  • Answer to: Where can I get parts?

    Actually the repair is quite easy with basic soldering skills unless the pads are damaged but still repairable by any technician, the only thing is the supply of parts. I have been searching and have found some really close and have repaired a few successfully but due to the interior design the casing had to be modified so the original part is key to successful repair.
  • Answer to: iPad 3rd Gen Digitizer the same as 2nd Gen?

    I believe the connector is in a different location. I'll be doing one in about 2 weeks and can update as I have the iPad 2 in stock.
  • Answer to: Intermittent power up - A1342

    I just repaired this same model with a soda spill. You'd be surprised what gets shorted out in the keyboard. I would replace the top case (trackpad too unless it didn't get damaged) and clean whatever (you didn't specify what was spilled, like coke is corrosive) you can with isopropyl alcohol taking static precautions of course. Definitely dis-assemble to air it out, You can even put the logic in an oven on cookie sheet at it's lowest temp with door open or in a container with a desiccant. No quick or easy way with this model.
  • Answer to: No signal / stuck on searching after conversion?

    Double check all connections just to make sure then put the original front back on and see if you still have the problem. That way it rules out the new part. If it still has the problem there is something you missed in reassembly.
  • Answer to: Water damaged iPhone 4, battery not charging

    You did what I would have, sounds like the charging circuit on the logic is blown. Not sure if anyone is repairing them or not but if you do find someone please post back here.
  • Answer to: Are my iBook G4 parts worth anything?

    Or you can sell the whole thing to places like mine. Not for a lot but if you don't want to spend a lot of time parting it out for a few extra bucks it may be worth it.
  • Answer to: What is the best way to prevent keyboard marks?

    It seems mine collects a lot of dust so I keep a microfiber cloth (think Billy Mays) over the keyboard and when I'm ready to use the Mac I dust everything off and as a bonus, if I wet it a tiny bit I can even clean of my grubby fingerprints. This is also the least expansive of the tips
  • Answer to: Other ways inside iPod

    Having doing this as my job, I use a guitar pick of good quality (usually found at a music shop) and that gets down to the metal tabs and releases it easier. I still use the pry tool first.