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  • Answer to: How To Replace Fan

    Hi, I know this answer comes in quite late, but who knows. I've just published the official iMac G4 17" 1.25GHz repair guide on ifixit. It's (invalid title)
  • Answer to: Any known recent repair guides for iMac G4 1.25ghz 17"?

    I've got the official technical repair guide &quot;iMac_flatpanel<wbr />_usb_2.0&quot; for this device as a .pdf file. I can send it to you (5.3 Mb) if you provide me with your email address.
  • Answer to: iPhone 3G Wifi quit working

    Hi. Does the WiFi on your iPhone 3G work every now and then, or not at all? If it works every now and then, when does it stop working? Is it after a (long) while surfing on the net with the WiFi, or not? Have you noticed if the back of your iPhone was unusually hot when the WiFi problem occurs? Is your iPhone 3G one of the first ones or one of the last ones to have been built? There have been problems with the WiFi of the first 3G series, which were believed to be related to an excessive heat produced by intensive use. Some have tried putting their iPhone i the freezer, but I wouldn't advise you to do so. I don't know if this might be relevant to your iPhone. Update: Have you tried restoring your iPhone (and why not upgrading it to iOS 4).
  • Answer to: iPhone won't charge and therefore turn on

    Well, I hope you manage to save it as I saved mine. It now works fine. What about you officially loving me… Well, I must say that I am very touched and impressed, but I'm quite happily married. Your hair is slightly too short, the beard should be shaved (as far as I am concerned) and who knows, may be in my next life, I might be gay, but I'm not for the time being. Thanks anyway. I do love U2. :o)
  • Answer to: iPhone won't charge and therefore turn on

    As I previously wrote, changing the battery actually didn´t solve the problem. Worse, after managing to set the iPhone i recovery mode (10 seconds pressing down both the Home and Power buttons, than releasing only the Power button during 10 more seconds) I couldn´t restore the firmware with iTunes on my MacBookPro (iTunes 9.1.1). I was ready to say Farewell to my iPhone and buy a new one... But I eventually tried to restore it with a PC windows XP and iTunes 9.1.1 and it managed to &quot;save&quot; my Precious :-) Although I had to upgrade it to 3.1.3 Since, I jailbroke it with Spirit as I don´t need to unlock the carrier (allready officially unlocked) I hope you also manage to have an happy ending.


  • MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Mid 2010 RAM Replacement

    I would unplug the battery cable before removing/upgrading the RAM.

  • iPhone 3G Rear Case Replacement

    I've done this rear panel replacement on two iPhones, and each time I had the same problem:

    The vibrator no longer spins / vibrates, although everything else works fine. The mute button also works fine: it does mute the iPhone, but no longer activates the vibrator.

    I tried moving slightly the two little connectors on it's side (towards the dock) without any result.

    Who would have an idea?

  • iPhone 3G Battery Replacement

    Those "6" and "7" antenna connectors are quite fragile.

    Be very careful when assembling not to force the connector down; It should click actually quite easily once it's placed properly.

    If you try to force the connection, it might easily be deformed, which would really be a pity.

  • iPhone 3G GPS Antenna Replacement

    NO!! Don't use glue as this little part which you fix with the screw is the SIM card extractor: it has to be able to move.

    I used an IV needle to "drill" the hole. You may also use a big safety pin.

  • iPhone 3G Rear Case Replacement

    while reassembling, it's quite helpful to use a bit of tape (on the out side) to maintain the button

  • iPhone 3G Rear Case Replacement

    while reassembling, it's quite helpful to use a bit of tape (on the out side) to maintain the button

  • iPhone 3G Headphone Jack Replacement

    4 screws: If the 3.8mm (orange circle) is #1

    #2 and #4 are identical

    #3 has a smaller head.

  • MacBook Air 11" Late 2010 Teardown

    Be very, very careful not to scratch, puncture, press, damage, deform… actually just DO NOT touch the battery units. They are extremely fragile.

  • iPhone 3G GPS Antenna Replacement

    This is probably one of the most tricky steps.

    That b…"eautiful" little screw is quite impossible to reassemble. The problem is, that the little plastic part which looks like a long double triangle is the "thing" that will extract the SIM card when one uses the extractor.

    If this part and the screw can't be put back where they belong to, then you must expect having to open your iPhone EVERY time you want to change your SIM card.

    The iPhone will work fine and you'll never have a single problem as long as you don't want to change your carrier.

    Think about it !

  • iPod 5th Generation (Video) Framework Replacement

    Quote from Scott J:

    Hey Jimbo, how can I tell if the ground tape is broken? And what problems occur if the ground tape is broken? Thanks

    It has the same shape as the clicking wheel PLUS that little bit that comes on the frame, which one see on that photo above.

    When it's broken, well, it no longer wires the motherboard to the frame.

    I'm not quite sure what problem occurs: I haven't tried reassembly my iPod with the broken tape.