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  • Answer to: How can I disassemble this jvc ha-fx34 earbuds?

    If the problem is with the jack then they should be the same as over-the-ear headphones to fix, if the problem is at the earbud or inside then I would really just shell out the 6$ for a new pair... (Try wiggling various parts to see where the problem is)
  • Answer to: PS3 HDD light comes on once and never again.

    Possibly a HDD problem, possibly motherboard...
  • Answer to: Why does my touchscreen not work?

    As an alternative try resetting the phone (home and power for a few seconds), try a normal itunes restore, or last resort a DFU restore. If you have the same problem after doing all this then bushing is right, you probably have a digitizer problem.
  • Answer to: How to make my iPod u freeze?

    Try connecting it to itunes by holding the homebutton down when connecting it to the computer, if it's not recognized, try connecting it in DFU mode.
  • Answer to: Can a blown screen be repaired?

    Most likely a backlight problem although I dont know my older mac anatomy very well...
  • Answer to: It wont turn on?

    Ya first thing to ask is whether the iPod was damaged by impact or water damage... If it wasnt give a new battery a try
  • Answer to: Inspiron 1526 - Bad motherboards galore

    Why don't you take it apart and make an iFixit teardown. I'm sure it would be appreciated and in the process you'd be able to have a look at that bad motherboard of yours and see if you could find any sort of obvious faults.
  • Answer to: tip of the headphones jack stuck inside with superglue

    First try hard to remove it using fine pliers if that doesn't work it might be possible to desolder the headphone port from the motherboard and resolder a new one but I don't know where you'd find the jack. This would also be a professional job.
  • Answer to: Assembly Cable #3

    Make sure the plastic clip is pulled back and with your nail or a spudger push the cable back into the socket and flip down the black plastic securing clip.
  • Answer to: cant find repair guide on site

    Try holding down the home button while plugging it in this will bring it into DFU mode not Recovery and you might be able to restore. I doubt this problem is harware related as I have seen this problem solved many times by software means. G'luck Liam Speirs


  • ZEN V Creative Media Player Teardown

    Sure! I believe the Color/Labeling Feature is one of the most useful tools in your teardown creator. I intend to use it well in all my future teardowns.