• MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Teardown

    Quote from amonras:

    Wow great site! Top of my list!

    Say I spilled beer on the keyboard (for the sake of the argument :)

    Apparently, some LEDs have dimmed but don't seem to be off (line going from the F2 to the "v" and everything to its left). I do not know if it's electrical or I can fix it by sweeping something. What's your guess?

    If you're lucky it's some kind of shortcut in the wires. You'd cleanse the keyboard using calcium free water (buy some at your local garage), wash the beer stains off of the keyboard layers and let them dry. Be sure there is no water between the filaments when reattaching the keyboard, you might cause even more severe shortcuts!!

    Another possibility is that the beer corroded the wires, in this case you'll probably see the wires on the filaments turned from silverish to grey/black, in this case you need a replacement keyboard or just live with the current situation.

  • MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Teardown

    Some of these:

    CY8C24794-24L is a SoC with a lot of bus interfaces, a LOT of analog interfaces and CapSense touch capabilities. This chip is very versatile and function cannot be determined by it's typenumber. It might run fanspeed, touchpad, backlight, temp. sensors and lot of other functions I cannot even think up at the moment.

    RTL8251CA is the 10M/100M/1G bit ethernet chip.

    H5RS5223CFA are the GDDR3 videomemory chips.

    ISL6236 is the power supply controller.