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  • Can a crack in an iPT be REPAIRED not replaced?

    Am wondering if anyone has REPAIRED a crack in an iPT glass? There are repair products for windshields etc. and am wondering ...
  • Optical drive door sticks going down.

    Hi, can case parts for the G5 towers be replaced?? My optical drive door sticks/jams going down because the "cheese grater" p...
  • External access of MBA HD

    I have an HD pulled from a broken up MacBookAir. It uses a special ribbon cable to connect to the LB (?). What can i use to a...
  • Other ways inside iPod

    Hi Guys, I know iFixit sells nice tools for this—and i have used them!— but i have had a real problem opening some of these i...


  • Answer to: LEDs power on then off!

    Had 24" iMac that exhibited the same symptoms. Diagnosed with bad logic board by respectable shop.
  • Answer to: External access of MBA HD

    As i stated way above, the enclosure i bought from Digital Intelligence DID work for me. The LIF connector was actually a "VHIF" connector, but it did work. Bought this one recently <> from and it, too, worked on the model of MacBook Air that i had at the time. It was a LIF connection. ---Danno "May your Mac(s) always start up!"
  • Answer to: iMac Intel with vertical lines - Use a G5 Intel display?

    See this thread..
  • Answer to: Can I replace a iMac Intel 17" LCD screen with an iMac G5 17" screen?

    Ashley, Had this exact same question myself recently, and found this... Have a great Mac day!
  • Answer to: Mac Mini wont boot

    IF it is a G4 could try booting into Open Firmware: on power button push, hold down "option+command+O+F". If it works, you should see a white screen with small black text. At the prompt, type... 1. reset-nvram (press Return) then type... 2. set-defaults (press Return),and then type... 3. reset-all (press Return) Your Mini should then restart. Maybe this will help. Good luck. Also, might swap RAM out with known good memory. Reseating bad RAM = bad RAM. ( Can run Mini without the top in place for troubleshooting...just be careful.)
  • Answer to: Finder keeps relaunching?

    This is definitely caused by STUFFIT. Don't remember the fix, but found answers online.