• Answer to: glass not flush after screen replacement

    I too have an LCD bruising concern when pressing on the front glass towards the top of the unit. I disassembled and cleaned all parts twice for quality control. During reassembly I paid close attention to the concern area. Still noticing some slight bruising on the LCD after reassembly. During my initial teardown I noticed that the individual I purchased the damaged iPhone from had been nosing around the guts, ergo: missing and loose screws etc. I also noticed that this person tried prying the front display and bezel away from the midframe using what ever they could find -- most likely a small screw driver. 1) It's possible the previous owner slightly warped the midframe assembly during their attempt to separate the front display and bezel from the midframe. Conclusion: in my particular case the LCD bruising is being caused by air gaps between the front display bezel and the midframe -- because the gap tolerance is almost infinitesimal and there is no visible obstructions preventing the front display bezel fr...


  • iPhone 4 Display Assembly Replacement

    Flawless front display install...the iPhone runs like a champ once again. However I have one minor concern. Although the front display is sitting flush with the midframe if I push down on the top of the front display while the unit is on I'm getting some frosting towards the top. Are there shims to tighten up the tolerance of the front display so it doesn't do this?