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  • Answer to: Black screen, power light on steady, no chime: POST / BootROM failure?

    Reseat the RAM. I've seen this behavior when the RAM was not properly reseated upon reassembly.
  • Answer to: Acer Recovery Disk..........

    Acer's 'method' of having the recovery data is to have the user make a recovery disc BEFORE the acer dies. A travelmate 4230 I'm working on has this lovely feature, which is utterly useless once something causes Windows to puke. Win XP in this case. So if you do not make the recovery disk ahead of time, and cannot safe boot into Windows, you are hosed and have to buy the recovery disks from acer. Next time, I'm buying an apple. At least they include the discs with their products.


  • MacBook Core Duo Battery Replacement

    Quote from jonathan55:

    This is a difficult project. It is imperative that you read the entire guide before you proceed. Have a system in place to keep track of the screws so you know what goes where. Budget several hours for this.

    Not quite sure what this guy is smoking, but he didn't share with the class. The hard drive replacement takes less than 5 minutes and is absolutely within the ability of anyone over the age of 7.