• MacBook Core Duo Front Display Bezel Replacement

    This was a very helpful tip. I made the mistake at first when reading your note, thinking that the gray clips were supposed to be on the bezel, not the display, but quickly corrected that.

    For anyone confused, the bezel is the thin plastic part surrounded the display, and the display of course houses the LCD.

    Another note:

    The easiest way to remove the clips from the bezel is from the side and pry up. To reattach them to the display, put one end of the clip in first, and then use tweezers to poke in the other end of the clip.

    Quote from WillyDavidK:

    A note for anyone panicking because they can't get their front bezel back on:

    It is common for the grey clips holding the bezel to the display to come up along with the bezel. If you have ANY grey clips attached to the back of your bezel, in order to replace the bezel you need to first remove the clips from the bezel and reinsert them into the holes in the display panel manually first! Once all of these clips are back in place, the bezel can be reattached.

    These clips are very fragile and if you are having this problem odds are you have already severely bent some of them. Check the tiny plastic clasps and if they are squashed down, gently pry them back up with your fingernail. Again these grey clips are very fragile, so use care in reattaching them.

  • MacBook Core 2 Duo Display Replacement

    For those wishing to go further into the LCD, the steps are identical to the MB CD, see this repair guide for more: