• Microsoft Zune HD Teardown

    May be worth noting, for those who are unfamiliar, that the "HD" in HD Radio stands for "Hybrid Digital," not High Definition.

  • Microsoft Zune HD Teardown

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    Thanks! That is news to my ears.

    Glad that was useful :) Keep up the awesome work, I really enjoy your site!

  • Microsoft Zune HD Teardown

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    Actually, that is not correct. This is a pure marketing term invented by iBiquity to promote their digital radio in a simple to understand way.I know as I worked directly with them. It is marketing speak and stands for nothing specific.

    Thanks Rheiblim :) My understanding is that it started out as Hybrid Digital, then became purely a marketing term (like DVD). But if you worked with them, then you're a more reliable source than, say, Wikipedia ;)

  • Microsoft Zune HD Teardown

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    does this have 1gb ram :o?

    ipod touch 3g only has 256?

    1Gbit = 128MB.

  • iPhone 3GS Teardown

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    DSCs don't even seamlessly macro focus like the iPhone's does.

    Sony's DSCs have had that feature for a while now (at least half a year?)

  • iPhone 3GS Teardown

    Thanks for yet another great teardown :)