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  • Answer to: White Screen of Death? Or something else?

    Replacing the iPod Touch Gen 3 LCD should resolve your issue. There is a very slight chance that the logic board is damaged where the LCD plugs in however, it is unlikely and replacing the LCD should be your first course of action.
  • Answer to: How will my Keyboard act if I swap the keys?

    The main issue here is that you must install the upper case that has the functionality you are wanting (Expose, etc). The newer upper case is not only backward compatible with your older MacBook, but the new key functionality is gained by upgrading the case. Very cool. After installation, its a free-for-all. Swap keys all you want and the function behind the key is not going to change. I personally have alternating black and white horizontal rows on my MacBook keyboard, although I do not have the fancy upgraded keyboard with the dashboard and expose key functions. Have fun!
  • Answer to: water got into it

    Place the iPod into a shoe box full of white rice and let the rice soak up the water for several hours. Then use our guide to open your iPod and allow to dry open in a cool dry place for a few days. Make sure there are no visible signs of liquid, reassemble the iPod and try to turn it on. Good luck!
  • Answer to: iPod won't display ANYTHING after repair

    As for the display issue, please double check that the display connector is firmly seated in its place.
  • Answer to: iPhone keep restarting after disassemble

    I would make sure all of the connections are properly seated. It sounds like the logic board is faulty, but it is unlikely that two logic boards were damaged in this same way, which makes me think something is not connected properly.
  • Answer to: Why cant I hear out of my iPod with head phones?

    I had this problem and I discovered pocket lint jammed into the headphone jack, preventing my headphones from fully seating. I used a toothpick and carefully removed loads and loads of pocket lint :/ Working great now!
  • Answer to: Can I upgrade my wifi antenna?

    The antenna is part of the display assembly. You would need to replace that item to help solve the issue. Here's the blueberry and the tangerine display assembly.
  • Answer to: Why is my iPod touch screen white?

    I recommend following the 5 R's. If this does not work, then, it is a hardware problem.
  • Answer to: Won't do anything. Basically bricked...? Ideas?

    I would recommend replacing the battery as well as the logic board. If the problem was merely the battery, you would still be able to power the iPod while plugged into the wall. Since the logic board controls the functionality of the iPod, you need to replace that to get up and running. Replacing the battery is a relatively inexpensive thing to do while you are replacing the logic board. If the battery inside is the original factory battery, chances are it is not in that great of shape.
  • Answer to: Non working backlight after battery replacement

    It could be something as simple as a poorly seated connector. I would recommend detaching your display and then re-seating the connection. If this does not solve the problem, it is possible that your LCD was 'zapped' during installation by the logic board, in which case you would need to replace the iPod Touch 1st Generation Display.


  • MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Mid 2010 Teardown

    Quote from tarabella:

    Ditto on the request for Tri-Wing size. Just ordered a new 1TB HD, and I want to have the right tool on hand when it gets here.

    iFixit has two bit driver kits, both which contain the Y0 bit necessary to remove the screw:

    54 piece kit

    26 piece kit

  • MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Mid 2010 Teardown

    Quote from charlie dropbox:

    What size of tri-wing screw driver is needed?

    iFixit has two bit driver kits, both which contain the Y0 bit necessary to remove the screw:

    54 piece kit

    26 piece kit

  • Magic Mouse Teardown

    Quote from guee:

    I agreee... LOL

    Modest Mouse is a band, of course



  • Magic Mouse Teardown

    Magic Mouse is not a Modest Mouse?

  • iPod Touch 3rd Generation Teardown

    I want an FM transmitter in my iPhone 3GS! That would rock...and roll?

  • iPod Touch 1st Generation Repair

    Quote from nils267:

    Which screwdriver do I need to remove the Phillips screws in step 6 (Installing iPod Touch 1st Generation Battery)?

    #00 philips will work there

  • MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Teardown

    Quote from sean70:

    Is there an available internal USB port connection? Can one be added somewhat easily? I couldn't get a detailed enough view on Photo 20...

    Not that we ran across and Apple does not have any official documentation indicating the presence or lack of internal USB.

  • MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Teardown

    Quote from nicole3:

    what type hard drive is apple using?


  • MacBook Core Duo Display Replacement

    Quote from zsadler13:

    There is a 3rd screw on the right hinge mount also.

    This guide is for the Core Duo MacBook, you may be referring to the Penryn/Santa Rosa MacBook which has 3 screws here.

  • MacBook Core Duo C-Channel Replacement

    Quote from brady:

    Your computer is missing the c-channel?

    This guide is for the Core Duo MacBook, you may be referring to the Penryn/Santa Rosa MacBook which does not have the c-channel.