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    Ok, I don't consider myself to be a newbie at this by any means... but I've run into a road block. Instead of starting a new thread on the same question, I will piggyback on this one...since it's the same software issue. I have a 2008 MBP A1260 with 4GB of RAM. I was running 10.9 with no issues. Backstory: One day, no sure why... I got a fuzzy/static look upon startup. This is similar to what I've seen with water damaged machines... I opened the machine to inspect and dry... no visible signs of liquids or charring. I was unable to start up normally but was able to get in via LauchDaemons in Single User Mode. I ran many many fsck -y in single user mode to get it to only 2 files and directories that were out of order. This only worked for a few days before I got an error that ran continuously until the power was pulled saying that there was a run time error and that fsck should be run on next boot. This happened the day before my new HD arrived. I was planning on installing the OS on there and booting from that...
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    If you are getting the folder error while the disc is in...then hold the Option key at start up. You will be prompted to enter your password for your machine. You can then select the start up disc as the drive you would like to boot from. I hope that helps.
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    Both guys here are correct. The issue is your GPU and most likely due to the solder joints going bad. Remove the logic board. Baking is a last resort, but there are several success stories. You can try using a heat gun first so that you can direct the heat... and if that doesn't work... then baking is again, the last resort. MAKE SURE that you remove all of the plastic parts that are not permanent fixtures on the board. (Foam cushions, tape, and the two brackets at the top of the logic board. I know they look like metal... but they are not.) If your GPU is bad, and you are not skilled with a solder gun... then one of those two methods to reflow the solder are you only two options before replacing. You can always sell your broken LB to companies that repair and resell them if it doesn't work.
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    I had this same issue. For a while I was able to unseat the amber ribbon on the underside of the top case, gently rolling the ribbon back. I would then replace the ribbon into the connector. (Note: make sure to lift the ribbon locks on the the connectors before removing) The issue was that the ribbon was made juuuust a bit short. After many many hours of high use, through the years the ribbon was not making full connection with the prongs in the bracket. I eventually had to replace the lower case. The issue isn't with your keyboard, as that is the white ribbon and the amber is the one that the pressure is required for. Anyone having this issue has two options. 1) Replace the ribbon. (Given all that it connect to, I don't advise it) 2) Replace the bottom case. The repair guide that Mayer has included is spot on for replacing the top case.
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    In this series of MBP, as Dan has mentioned there is a main logic board and an I/0 MagSafe board on the upper left. This card houses functionality for your MagSafe DC in connection, both audio ports, a USB port, PCI card slot, light sensor, mic, and your airport card. The airport card seats into a housing mounted on this board over the card slot much like the RAM seats into it's housing on the logic board. To remedy this issue you will need a T6 torx screw driver and a phillips #00. 1- Remove all of the screws around the otter casing of your MBP. 2- Lift the top case (contains keyboard and trackpad) from the bottom case of the MBP 3- Disconnect the had drive from the logic board 4- Disconnect the ribbon located to the bottom right on the I/0 board that is connected to the logic board 5- To the right of the fan at the top, gently disconnect all wired connections to the logic board. * The first at the top pulls out to the side...the others lift up to come out. 6- Using the T6 screw driver, remove the screws hol...
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    When you are attempting to start the computer, are you getting no power to the computer... or are you just getting chimes? Either way, it is likely that your battery is placing unnecessary pressure onto the ribbons that connect to the bottom of your upper case. That ribbon runs information for several things including your keyboard, trackpad, and power button. Ok, so let's find out if it's something other than battery swell. Start you MBP up without the battery in it, power adapter connected of course. After start up, place the battery back into its proper place in the battery bay. If the machine functions with the battery in, select "restart" from the Apple Menu in the top left bar of your screen. If that does not work or the MBP did not function properly with the battery in try these two steps. 1) Reset your NVRAM (is still often referred to as PRAM even though that was for Power Books and before) * You can leave the battery out for these.* - Start up your computer by pressing the power button, and immediat...
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    It really depends on what USB port. The USB port on the right is attached to your Logic Board and as Mayer said, it is not a DIY fix to replace just that USB Port. Replacing the Logic Board itself also requires a good bit of technical know how and confidence. You will need to disconnect and remove your Optical drive, both fans, 3 heat sensors, and a few other connections from the Logic Board. You will also have about 9 T6 screws to remove before you can lift it out. You will need to ensure an anti static working surface. Now, if you're talking about repairing just the USB port... that is going to require soldering skills. Or you can now just replace the Logic Board. As for the USB Port on the left, that is connected to the DC I/0 MagSafe board. It is runs under the AirPort card and you must remove the left fan and Airport card to get to it. You will also need to disconnect about 5 different plugs, at least 2 from the Logic Board.


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    As for the Audio problem... I am not 100%, but doubtful that it is your DC in MagSafe I/0 board for the audio... especially since the headphone jack works.

    To answer your question on replacing the Optical Drive to add a second drive.. that is very easy.

    Check out OWC's data doubler on