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My introduction to computers began with the Apple II. My uncle whom I lived with for most of my young life was a Computer Technician for a local college. He brought home one of the Apple Machines when I was in grade school. He would tear them apart and put them back together. I didn't realize until later in life how fortunate those experiences would be. I was a computer technician at the same college in 1997.

I started doing component level repair in 2010 and haven't looked back. At that time I was working for another wholesale computer repair facility from its infancy. I had a major role in its structure and function, unfortunately, the company turned retail after relocating to a college town and focused on heavy sales more than I was comfortable with.

It forced me to move on.

I am working under my own DBA now: LEMON+AID

My shop is in the City of Rochester, NY at 658 Monroe Avenue.

My Virus removal experience is extensive and if I can't fix it there is no fee.


I love the computer industry and am excited about the future of it and my company.

You can email me directly at

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