• Mac mini Model A1283 Terabyte Drive Replacement

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    Sorry. There is a black wire that is connected to the board and on the other end it has the green sensor thing i guess. Well i pulled the black end from the board off as well as the part that is connected to the board. I used some krazy glue to sit it back on the board but it was connected up there with like silver stuff.

    It took about 5 minutes to boot and the fan was going crazy. Oh yeah it wouldn't shut off, so i took it back to the Apple store and i guess i got lucky. They gave me another one. LOL! Next time i will be extra careful.

    Check out step 12 of the Mac Mini tear-down instructions elsewhere on this site. You are not alone.

  • Mac mini Model A1283 Teardown

    I also broke the thermal sensor connector right off the board. I also have a VERY loud fan. Any advice on resoldering the connector to the board (very small connections) would be appreciated.

  • Mac mini Model A1283 Teardown

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    A friend suggested to put a resistor on the fan (which will be always on but slower). This is easier to achieve as you need a male and female connector and put a resistor in between. For now I am going to get a soldering kit and practice on an old P90 board... Any advice appreciated too :-)

    A guy at work thought it would be difficult to solder the connecter head back onto the board since it is flat mounted, or something like that, and doesn't protrude through the back of the board. We discussed trying to simply cut and strip the wire on the thermal sensor and tack-solder to the connectors on the board. He offered to help me. I'm still considering my options.

  • Mac mini Model A1283 Teardown

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    I can attest that soldering the wires will fix the problem. I pulled mine off too when upgrading to a 500GB HD. The BOTTOM 2 CONTACTS are the ones you need to solder to. The one has a little arrow pointing to it. If it doesn't work the first time, switch the wires around. It did not work the first time foe me, and than i tried the other two contacts with no luck, than i went back and reversed the wires on the lower par, (the two that are closest together). Make sure you don't touch the solder together on the board. I put the a small drop on the wires before hand, than put the wires to the board and just touched the top to melt the solder to the contacts.

    Thanks for the note, especially about reversing polarity if it doesn't work the first time. I have to say I am slightly confused about which contacts you used. There are two dots on my board that do not appear to be solder points. Immediately below them are the two solder points that are pointed to by the arrow - I think those are the right ones. Then a bit farther below that are the two solder points that I think are only used to keep the connector head surface mounted to the board.

    Sorry I cannot give advice on how best to remove the cable from the connector - mine broke before I realized I had to do that. That will teach me to read the instructions more carefully.

  • Mac mini Model A1283 Teardown

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    Hello, I took apart my mac mini and accidentally unplugged the bluetooth antenna. I kept trying to plug it back in, but i couldn't do it. Is there some sort of secret to it?

    Uggh. I really struggled with this. The connector is a really small coax. Try to angle it the same way as in the picture and then just keep trying to center it and push straight down. Sorry I can't offer better advice.