Completed Guides


  • iPod Classic Hard Drive Replacement

    Yeah. I did it. It wasn't easy, and the results could have been prettier, but I did it.

    On opening, I found my plastic tools to be useless. I ended up taking the blade of a cheap Gerber knife to the thing, being careful not to damage the rails. I found that thin grade guitar picks were a great thing to stick in the spaces!

    It's a good idea to take a picture of the innards once you open it. The little bumpers can be a bit tricky to reposition when you put it back together. Also you'll want to remove the blue foam padding if possible from the old hard drive and stick it to the new one.

    Don't freak out when you get to the ribbons. They're tougher than they look, and they seem to know where to go. I did have to use a pair of needlenose plyers to guide the headphone ribbon back into place.

    If you're a stickler for aesthetics, then pay close attention to steps 21-23. Especially 23, or you'll have unsightly gaps along the edges.

    The hardest part of this project is taking it apart. Take your time.