• Mac mini Model A1283 Terabyte Drive Replacement

    have you tried approaching some cable vendors and seeing if they will do you a custom job? all it seems to require is a slightly unusual combination of standard connectors so I'd imgaine it should be doable in moderate volume.

  • Mac mini Model A1283 Terabyte Drive Replacement

    is the second drive just loose in the case or is it mounted somehow (and if so how?)

  • Mac mini Model A1283 Terabyte Drive Replacement

    Quote from andresskl:

    Isn't this hack available for previous minis? I've got the mini mid-2007, 2.0GHz. Thanks!

    Earlier minis use an IDE cd drive. This raises 2 issues.

    Firstly i'm not aware of anyone who makes an adaptor/cable from the slimline IDE CD connector in the mini to a hard drive (there are plenty of adaptors for connecting a slimine IDE CD drive to a normal IDE cable but i've never seen one going the other way). Making a custom adaptor would be a major PITA (you would probablly have to get a custom pcb made).

    Secondly 2.5 inch IDE hard drives seem to top out at 250G so the maximum you could get in such a mini would be 750G (500GB sata in place of the original hard drive and 250GB IDE in place of the CD drive).

  • Mac mini Model A1283 Teardown

    Anyone got any idea what the real max ram is? apple claim 4GB but has anyone tried more and if so did it work?