• MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2009 Logic Board Replacement

    Thanks for this great guide.

    My MBP 13" (mid 2010) wouldn't turn on. I tried the basic help guides, and eventually opened it and removed the battery, let it sit, and put the battery back in. Still wouldn't turn on. Took it to the Apple store, they said I need a new logic board, which would cost a few weeks and ~$300. This is an expensive repair for an expensive computer which is expected to last for more than a few years before going to !@#$. However, even as expensive as the repair is, isn't it more expensive than the fix-it-yourself guide? Where does one buy a new logic board, and how much does it cost? Looks like the logic boards above cost $600?? How is this do-it-yourself method worth it anymore?

    Please advise.