• Xbox One Teardown

    The Xbox One is an engineering disaster for a custom made consumer product that isn't intended to be user serviceable. It's like a "Holy $@#^ we forgot that we are making a next-gen console, gotta ship this thing to stores before Holidays 2013, so just slap everything up with no thought whatsoever" hackjob.

    -Why use a huge Intel retail type HSF instead of a custom cooling solution like the PS4 did?

    -Why is the HDD placed completely inside the case in a manner that wastes unnecessary space and prevent users from accessing it from the outside?

    -Why is the motherboard so big? There are lots of wasted PCB space that can be cut.

    -Why even use a standard PC sized optical drive?

    -If all those wasn't enough yet, add a external power brick to it. Again.

    Before somebody tries to flame me, please explain how Valve was able to make a smaller machine with completely off-the-shelf-parts including the PSU and a GTX 780, yet much more powerful in CPU/GPU power and infinitely more user serviceable.

  • HTC One Teardown

    I reckon the lack of SD slot and non-removable battery, plus repairing is stupid difficult and HTC's lousy track record of after release support drove tons of people away from this phone.

    I for one will NOT buy a phone with a battery isn't user removable at all, especially if I'm locked into the 2 year contract. Batteries usually start to go bad after a year and I also don't want to worry about how to maximize my battery lifespan when I can simply go Samsung and replace the battery when it goes south.