• Answer to: Restore Loop after logic board replaced

    For Me, This Issue Indicated A Problem With The Power/Volume Flex Cable. Nothing Looked Physically Wrong With It, But Upon Replacing It, Everything Booted Up And Resolved Perfectly. Upon Trying Other Solutions To Exit Recovery Mode, I Just Kept Getting A Loop. However, Upon Replacing This Flex Cable, It Works!


  • iPhone 5 Display Assembly Replacement

    I'd Advise Against The Suction Cup Here As It Will Separate The Glass From The Black/White Framing That You're Actually Supposed To Pry Under. I Found When Using The Suction Cup, The Glass Came Up, But The Framing Stayed Stuck. If You're Replacing The Entire Display It's Not As Much Of A Problem, But If You're Installing Any Other Part Or A Custom Housing, You'll Notice Your Screen Has A Bit Of "Play" When Pressing Down.