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  • Motorola Moto X Rear Facing Camera Replacement

    This took me about an hour or so to do after I got the right tools. I ordered the iOpener "kit" and stupid me thinking that ifixit would directly link you from this page to a kit that works with it, so I didn't read that the kit comes with a T5 torx bit and not a T3. Also no tweezers. Other than that this guide works perfect. The only tricky parts really were getting the battery out; "mild adhesive" my !@#. I used the black tool to slowly pry the battery out. Be patient and the adhesive will give. The other tricky part was getting the motherboard plugged back in. I thought I had it in the first time but apparently didn't. If you get it all back together and all the phone does when you turn it on is do a 1-2sec vibrate every 10 sec or so then check the connection on the motherboard. Great guide for getting your phone DOD ready. Or any job that doesn't allow camera phones on site!