• Answer to: No HSPA+ since teardown

    On step 8 of the iFicit teardown you see the blue boxes indicated antenna spring contacts. Make sure they are pointed up enough that they make contact with the antenna on the back cover.
  • Answer to: Creating an iPhone 5s / 6 Frankenstein

    They are different and will not function properly.
  • Answer to: Torn Front-Facing Camera Ribbon Cable causing screen artifacts?

    Those boxes are usually indicative of a bad connection to the LCD. Where the bad connection is would be anyone's guess. The cable could have been strained where it attaches to the LCD, or it could have been bent, folded, stretched along it's length. It could also be the connector on the ribbon side, the connector on the logic board side or simply both of them where they meet. You may want to replace the LCD to get new cabling. If that doesn't fix it you are likely going to be dealing with logic board damage.
  • Answer to: Touch screen unresponsive I phone 5

    This is most likely a problem with the screen. See if your vendor will replace it.
  • Answer to: 2 New LCD's will not turn on after LCD replacement?

    This issue is because of a firmware issue. The point of manufacture did not flash the appropriate firmware to the LCD. You need to replace the LCD with a new one - but maybe from a different vendor so that the chances of the problem repeating itself is reduced.
  • Answer to: Why is all my buttons not working?

    Have you installed a new digitizer? If you have you will probably need a new - higher grade version. Also check the back of the cable for solder pads and exposed metal. You may have to cover some metal but that won't help with the lock/volume problems.
  • Answer to: My screen is broken

    Don't count on replacing just the glass. The part is cheap yes, but you will need many more tools, including a method to cure new adhesive. It is a very involved repair and if you are like me it might take a couple broken LCDs out of your first batch to get the hang of it. I have it worth my while to buy the LCD assembly with the small parts preinstalled. Makes the installation much faster and almost completely painless. A total of like 9 screws and four plugs (I unplug the battery).
  • Answer to: iPhone 5 front camera wont work after front screen replacement.

    This can happen is the battery is left plugged in during the repair and can sometimes call for a new front facing camera.
  • Answer to: Where do the screws go!

    Look at this step, the circles indicate where the long ones go vs the short ones. See instructions on right. MacBook Pro 15" Retina Display Late 2013 Display Assembly Replacement
  • Answer to: What is this: sticker that attaches to the iPhone 5s Front Camera?

    I have heard two options, it is grounding to the frame when closed or it is a cooling sticker.