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  • iPhone 5 Display Assembly Replacement

    So, of COURSE I dropped the screw that you are not supposed to lose. I was being careful, but as I did not want to lose track of it, I attempted to put it back ing the phone FIRST. Bad idea. This makes the plate kind of springy, and my screwdirver slipped, and the screw popped up, spun in the air, fell between my legs, bounced off my padded chair, and clattered around on the floor. I searched for an hour, and could not locate it. BE IT KNOWN, at least in MY CASE, the screw WAS INDEED attracted to my magnet (I keep a powerful round magnet stuck to the shaft of my drivers to provite the magnetism, far more powerful than a regular magnetic screwdriver. This being the case, I WAS able to provide a substitute fron a bag of iphone 4 screws, and my compass calibrated flawlessly upon power-up. YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY, but I thought I'd add my experience.

  • MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2009 Fan Replacement

    I found it mostly unnecessary to remove the fan and therefore all of the fan screws in this step. Only the two on the left hand side of the fan actually need to be removed. I also found it extremely helpful, after pulling logic boards several times, to remove the speaker screws at this time. The heat sink and the speaker interfere with each other when you are later trying to remove and then install the logic board. The longer screw goes on end of the speaker assembly that is closest to the fan, and the shorter one goes on the end closest to the dvd slot.

  • MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2009 Fan Replacement

    If you are removing the logic board for any other reason than replacing it, or if your replacement logic board came with a fan installed, DO NOT REMOVE THE FAN. It is not necessary for the removal of the logic board. For removal with the fan attached, only remove the two screws on the left hand side of the fan, and leave the cable attached. I see here that too many people have broken the fan cable, and it is too easy to do.

  • iPhone 4 Battery Replacement

    There is a small black L-shaped bracket of some sort that tits between the battery connector and the motherboard socket, with a loop on one corner that sits betwen the riserand the battery connector. Remove this now, and do not forget to re install it on assembly.

  • iPhone 5 Lightning Connector and Headphone Jack Replacement

    I personally feel that this guide should not be tagged as being of "moderate" difficulty. I am no shrinking violet, and I have completed dozens of the guides here at ifixit (haven't clicked the "success" button on very many, tho) and I would call this one "Difficult" at the very least. First off, my time is valuable, and I allowed for about an hour to complete this moderately difficult repair, and instead it took me three. Secondly, I would not want an inexperienced noob to think that this was a good place to start fiddling with their iphone. If you haven't say, replaced the volume buttons or headphone cable on a 4 or 4s, when you get to this lightning connector, you could EASILY destroy your replacement connector without that experience, and then that unfortunate ifixer is hosed without a phone for days until a replacement can be ordered and delivered. Third, I honestly do not think that calling a complete and total strip and disassemble of a 5 simply "moderately difficult" is accurate. My 2 cents.

  • iPhone 5 Lightning Connector and Headphone Jack Replacement

    Wish I'd read these comments before doing the guide, first, because I just found lint in my discarded oem part, and then also because since they labelled it as "moderate" in difficulty, I allowed for a hour and it took me three because of the unnecessary removal of the LB. Ifixit still rocks, though.

  • iPhone 5 Lightning Connector and Headphone Jack Replacement

    It's probably the port. My daughter dropped her 5c, which was just enough of a shock to momentarily disconnect the battery and cause micro shorts at the battery connector (this is what the Geniuses told me after looking at the logic board with great magnification). This being the case, the phone would make the charging sound and the apple would come up but disappear when the cable was removed. Power to the unit, but not the battery.

  • iPhone 5 Lightning Connector and Headphone Jack Replacement

    you probably didn't reconnect the wifi antenna connector very well if at all. It is pretty tricky to get it right.

  • iPhone 5 Logic Board Assembly Replacement

    When I did this the ribbon cable beneath the plate stuck to the plate, and this guide makes no mention of this cable at all. Be aware that it has to be re routed and re attached to its positions on the logic board or your phone will not work, as i looks like some kind of RF cable.

  • MacBook Pro 15" Core Duo Model A1150 Optical Drive Replacement

    On my A1150, the black screw wasn't- it is a silver Torx 6