Completed Guides


  • PlayStation 3 Motherboard Replacement

    Worked. Took 3 hours to complete.

    ****NOTES that weren't mentioned here****

    1. Heat Gun on processors = zigzag from top left to bottom right - then circle back up to the top left. repeat.

    2. No thermal pads available in your area?

    I used the same thermal pads that came with the PS3

    3. No T-10 security screw driver?

    I broke the very first step - I didn't have a t10 security driver and jsut figured I would risk breaking the cover a bit by pulling it straight up - popped right off - then broke the stupid screw right off of it.

    4. took 15 minutes to find things to ensure the motherboard we perfectly level.

    5. I let the Motherboard sit for exactly 17 minutes and then applied Arctic silver.

    6. No Screwtray ?

    I used a piece of duct tape, sorta flipped it around so it was a sticky pad to grab all the screws and not let them get unorganized.

    I hope I remember to report back how long the system runs until it dies again, which I hear happens fairly quickly after this type of operation.

    Good Luck.