• Yellow Light of Death Repair

    EDIT: Forgot to mention, 60 gig release version. Canada.

    Got the kit, ripped her apart, did the stuff, and no dice. Turned on long enough to eject the blue ray disk and yellow light again. However, the cable for the blue ray (where it connects to the motherboard) on the motherboard side of the connection, the fastener broke. I figured if I put the cable in place, held down the fastener and crazy glued it, would stay put, ensuring a tight connection. that part at least seemed to work, but after several unsuccessful attempts at start up, I started ripping it apart and troubleshooting all my connections. No luck so far. Would the glue have wrecked the whole thing? Or is it possible there is another issue? Anyone got any ideas?

    Again, what happens when I start up: Everything seems normal. Blue light comes on. sounds like it's starting up. Fan kicks in fast, Yellow light.

    When I first had the yellow light, the fan didn't even kick in, nor did the blue light.

    Thoughts? Suggestions? I really want to finish gta5 ._.