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  • iPhone 4 Display Assembly Replacement

    Done- Twice! First time everything seemed OK, but then when we turned it on the screen flashed white once, and then went black. Nothing worked but the vibrate switch. I reopened it, figuring maybe I connected something wrong, went back to the stage with the 5 connectors (Step 17), lifted everything up and reattached them. Then closed it all up and the apple icon showed when turned on- for about 6 minutes. And then suddenly everything worked.

    The second time, my own iPhone, it took 3 full disconnects and reconnects of the LCD & digitizer to get everything working.

    My point- don't despair if it didn't work the first time. Chances are something's loose or not connected right and if you come at it fresh the next morning you might just get it right on the second try. Or third.