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Born in a deep village in East Africa. Owned a pair of shoe at the age of 12. Saw a computer for my first time at the age of 18 and loved it though i wasn't allowed to touch it but i knew deep in myself that i will one day be a Computer expert.

Moved from East Africa and relocated to South Africa in Cape town at the age of 24 and the rest is history. I own a Computer Repair Business in Cape Town.

Though never had a chance to go to college, i have managed to go to the University of the Western Cape for a Bsc Computer Science degree and i am currently (2017) in 3rd year and left with one year to be the first Computer Degree graduate from my village! I have learnt that anything is possible no matter what circumstances.

I am married to an awesome wife (Monica) we have twin girls 11year, 2 boys 5yrs and the new born (06/07/2017) 12days old.


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