• The fans running high issue, again!

    The fans in clients early 2008 are running high. I tried replacing the ambient sensor that hasn't worked. I did this before I...
  • Changed top screen, now won't power on

    Changed the top screen with no issues, now it won't switch on. The green 3d Light flashes quickly and neither screen flashes....
  • Completely dead iPad, not in itunes

    Got an iPad in for a client, she smashed the digitizer a while ago and muddled on for a bit, but she said it wasnt coming on ...


  • Answer to: Anyone have better options for Digitizer adhesive?

    Looking for something better too. I have been using the 3M clear ones for a while with mixed results, it helps to clean the old adhesive off, but even then it can be hit and miss. I have ordered some of the black pre cut ones today for the iPad 3, will see how they fare.
  • Answer to: iPad Mini Home Button Not Working After Digitizer Replacement

    Maybe my tape gave it just enough lift for mine to work, the pic attached is the old one with the black fabric tape in the position i tried to emulate, scuse the cat hair, i just dug it out of the bin!
  • Answer to: iPad Mini Home Button Not Working After Digitizer Replacement

    I had this problem and managed to fix it. The issue seemed to be with a set of contacts on the new digitizer, they had a piece of the orangey tape over them, which i removed. Do not remove this. On the original, broken one, it had black fabric tape over the copper contacts. The contacts are to the left of the home button when looking at the back of the digitizer, they are both on the home button ribbon cable, one is rectangular and one is square. I put standard electrical tape over both of these and it appears to have fixed the problem.


  • iPhone 4S SIM Card Tray Replacement

    Thanks for this guide iFixit, this was truly the most challenging repair I had ever undertaken in all my years of tinkering with gadgets! ;)