• Vertical sync cable replacement

    It looks to me that Apple replaced 922-9161 used in mid'09 with 922-9481 in late'09 & '10. My question is will 9481 work in t...
  • HD replacement temp sensor

    I'm replacing original Hitachi HDS722020 2 TB drive in iMac 27" EMC 2374 (which had only 2 pins) with Seagate ST 3100. I can'...


  • Answer to: Vertical sync cable replacement

    I got a new 992-9161 which worked.
  • Answer to: HD replacement temp sensor

    Yes, the disk is the correct number for this 27" and is the original OS 10.6.2. Again I can use target to reformat the drive etc. Verify etc. But When I try to use "C" only Apple & gear for > 35 min. "Option" with start up disk in 27" shows only the start up disk and gives Apple & Gear. " Shift" does not work for either. If I target with my 24" start up loaded into the new Seagate the drive will show on the 27' but not load. This is what I tried because I was not able to load the original 27' disk because it is "crossed out" when opened on the 24" I have tried several newer start up disks-each time reformating without ever getting a boot. I am thinking I'll see if I can find another set of start ups for this computer, though it does not "looked" damaged. Dan, thanks for the help.