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  • PlayStation 4 Teardown

    extra 256mB DDR3 chip eh? strange design. sat normally everything is upside down in the case.. and the way it sucks air through the power supply, then through the heatsink and up into the case.. guess the hot air blows out of the front? or is there something on the other side of the bottom cover to guide it towards the back? also saw that replaceable cr2032 battery... that will be dead in 4 years and I don't think anyone's gonna be replacing it.. wonder why they didn't stick in a rechargeable one like the dreamcast. or make it a user changeable one like the wii/wii u

  • PlayStation 3 Super Slim Teardown

    buy an invertor

  • Xbox 360 E Teardown

    its 4 gigabit of ram... thats 512 mega bytes... 8 bits = 1 byte