Completed Guides


  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 3G Teardown

    Just finished our first Tab 3 digitizer replacement. After removing back plate and battery, the digitizer wasn't too difficult to remove except the extra strong adhesive compared to iPads. With the iFixit bag or a nice professional heat gun (my preferred method) the screen comes off pretty easily in one piece and you just have to align it properly when replacing so there are no issues reassembling the frame and back.

  • Samsung Galaxy S III Broken Front Glass Replacement

    I replace too many Galaxy screens and I'm sure that anyone else that has done this procedure wants to know, is there any way to bond the glass with the LCD to make it look original again?!?

    LOCA is the most popular method I see and would love to learn how to use it correctly before ruining any more LCDs, or any way to use the Optical Adhesive film and remove the bubbles correctly without an expensive autoclave from China.

    Any help or suggestions are appreciated!!