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  • Answer to: How do I clean corrosion after water damage?

    I just got an iPhone 5 that had water sensors tripped. When I opened it up, there was oxidation (a whitish powder) found inside it and all around the edges where the LCD top fits in the body. I used a toothbrush and an Xacto knife blade to remove most of it, but do I need to remove the main board to see if there is more on it?'' If I remember my basic Chemistry, oxidation is caused by moisture affecting a "bi-metallic reaction" that causes oxidation. Is this the reason the iPhone 5 was discontinued? Steel reacting to aluminum caused by water being the catalyst?
  • Answer to: Battery replaced, no earpiece sound

    I tried to have a #3 connector assembly (which you CAN buy) replaced but it was an impossible job even for a good technician. You might try sliding a small non-conductive shim under the #3 cable to add upward pressure to the cable .. it might work. Worst case scenario .. just use the speakerphone.. somehow the sound carries through the phone and up to the earpiece. Hey.. it works!
  • Answer to: New LCD Installed, Now can't hear callers?

    Attaching the #3 cable on either the 3g or 3gs is a tricky thing.. many times leading to no ear piece sound. One solution I heard (but still haven't had luck with ) is to readjust the cable several times in slightly different positions before clamping down the retainer clip. As you can see, the contact points on the #3 ribbon cable are very small and they need to line up just right with the connector pins to work. Replacing the whole proximity sensor cable is an option but it doesn't always solve this problem. I have two 3g's that I have to use in "speaker phone" mode to work, but the strange thing is, I can hear through the earpiece at the same time! If you can't get it to work (ear piece speaker) just do the speaker phone trick.
  • Answer to: Want to buy correct battery

    Mikall.. you are right. It should be 616-0435, but iFixit shows 0431! Better correct that. My question is why does it matter? Some forums show that it also depends on the iOS version! What is the right battery for 3G and 3GS?
  • Answer to: How can I remove a CD stuck in the CD drive

    I have had this problem with a CD with a stick-on label. Answer:stick your finger nail into the CD slot and pry the case up gently at the same time you hit the "eject" button or command- E. Works for me!


  • iPhone 4 Power & Lock Button Replacement

    There is a much easier way to fix a "dead" power switch without taking the iPhone apart ... much! See the video, and my comments here:

  • iPhone 4S Battery Replacement

    The black & copper contact piece is missing from my iPhone. Does that explain why my phone won't restore and keeps re-booting? I have tried every kind of restore with no luck. Any ideas?

  • Motorola Moto X Back Cover Replacement

    I used a guitar pick and my thumbnail to detach the plastic. Then I used a hair dryer gun at low temp carefully to loosen the glue (which is actually only at the top and bottom of the phone. Just be cautious removing the back since you need to detach the ribbon cable from the flash. Once it was removed, I used the case opener tool to gently lift the flash assembly loose, leaving the grey adhesive on the case back. After the flash was removed,I used an Xacto blade to start to remove the adhesive which peeled off relatively easily, and was then stuck back on to the flash. There is a clear silicon type of "gasket" on the case back that will also peel off easily, so I transferred that to my new case back and stuck the flash in its place. The lens cover was the same.. just a little adhesive on the outer ring. I just put some pressure with my finger on the front side, and it popped out, adhesive still intact. Everything checked out, so I snapped it all together again! Easy Peasy!

  • Motorola Moto X Back Cover Replacement

    By the way, I build bicycles too!

  • iPhone 5 Lightning Connector and Headphone Jack Replacement

    The removal of the rubber boot IS mentioned in step 31!

  • iPhone 5 Lightning Connector and Headphone Jack Replacement

    Okay, I replaced the Lightning dock, and it wasn't easy, but if you go slow and start with the headphone jack and the microphone first, then work your way to the Lightning dock, making SURE it's properly seated! then on to the speaker and power cables, it's not too bad. I did have a problem with the case closing properly. I think it was the Lightning dock or headphone jack that wasn't completely seated down. I readjusted it and tightened the screws but the LCD assembly was still not quite seated properly.

    When I powered it up I got a message saying the USB device was drawing too much power and to disconnect it! I think the logic board is fried. Anybody have ideas on this? I plan to return it under my 30 day warranty if I can't get it working.

  • iPhone 5c Teardown

    A friend spilled some Sangria on his iPhone 5c, and now the earpiece speaker doesn't work. I recommended swabbing it with a Q Tip and a sparse amount of Windex, but if that doesn't work I'm looking at replacing the earpiece. I do have a question on this though... could the spill have messed up the proximity sensor or the controlling chip for it? He is under warranty but I don't think Apple will replace it because it was a spill.

  • iPhone 5c Teardown

    The original iPhone model had an aluminum case. The 3 and 3gs were plastic. The 4's went to a glass and aluminum frame. The 5 appears to me to be more steel than aluminum. The problem I saw with the 5 is a lack of seals like the 3's which meant oxidation will form around the edges (corrosion).

  • iPhone 5 Logic Board Assembly Replacement

    That's true... no need to remove the MLB. The cable slides out easily.