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  • Answer to: always running fan

    It is possible to clean the inside, you just have to take the upper case off and use an air blower to get the dust out (use extreme caution when taking it apart and blowing it out, you would rather have a constant fan than a blown logic board!) However, my fianceé's macbook fan was always on, and the computer ran extremely slow, and it seemed to me that that she had a software issue and not a dust issue. I used time machine to back-up all of her files/applications, and then erased her HDD and gave her a fresh install of snowleopard (she had regular leopard before). This fixed her fan issue as well as the slow computer issue. Im not sure if you have this problem as well, but if you're computer is running a lot slower than it should, I would think of trying this idea before taking the computer apart.
  • Answer to: My iPod died suddenly after 6 years of 'signal service', dead battery?

    Does the ipod work when plugged in still? If it works while plugged in, or says something about waiting for the battery to charge, then the iPod is probably still good. If it gives a sad ipod or a folder symbol, then it *might* be the battery, but probably not. I would try buying a battery, its worth a shot either way and they are fairly cheap. Are you still using the original battery after 6 years? Wow, impressive.
  • Answer to: does the battery need to be fully charged before it will work?

    Its always a good idea to fully charge the battery the first time you use it, however it should still work with a partial charge. Have you charged it at all? Perhaps the battery has completely died, or there is an issue with the connection on the logic board.
  • Answer to: Why won't my Amp power up?

    I happen to live in your area. Is there a way we could meet up and I could take a look at the amp for you. You could bring it by my church either this coming new years or this saturday night. Let me know so I can come early :-) -----UPDATE----- I fixed it! Here is what I did: 1. Pray that God would be glorified through anything I do 2. Plug it in to make sure it doesnt just turn on, it didn't so unplug it 3. Removed and checked the front ON switch for power continuity (with power turned unplugged, just use a multimeter on continuity check. 4. Removed and checked the two fuses on each of the amplifier circuit boards 5. Removed and checked continuity of the power connector through that fuse 6. Used a multimeter to check every easily accessible diode 7. Checked to see if any of the electrolytic capacitors had "popped tops" (if they had blown) 8. Now the scary part: unplug the power cables (yellow and orange) going from the huge inductor/transformer to each of the amplifier boards, and then plug power into the am...


  • MacBook Pro 17" Unibody Teardown

    Quote from dave:

    These pictures look great. Everything is so clean in there.

    I'm always impressed with the layout that apple does inside their computers. I've taken apart other "Non-Apple" computers and the insides always seem cluttered and disorganized, with lots of plastic everywhere. Granted, I have a limited number of non-apple take-aparts, kudos to Apple's Engineers.