• Answer to: replace AirPort with mSATA SSD?

    ehhh you might be better off using the thunderbolt port and adding one of those boxes with pci-e slots. those btw should be bootable if the hardware is compatible with mac. there are some sata cards that are mac compatible, however this means one big box on your desk more as for the mpci-e slot it looks like a standard one, if you can find a (m) pci-e sata adapter that is compatible with mac you should be able to add 2 ssd's however the room requirement kinda get's problematic unless you do some heavy cable hacking you'd have a hard time of it. GL My $.02 terramir
  • Answer to: Is it possible to adapt the wireless connector to expresscard?

    well actually that connector 30 pin for the wifi card is a non standard implementation of the pci-e slot apple confirmed this however they will not releasee the pinout so you are sol in that department, unless someone figures out how to hack it GL My $.02 terramir