Completed Guides


  • Repairing Volkswagen New Beetle Headlight bulbs

    Thank you, Nick, for creating this manual! My daughter has an '06 Beetle. I've had to replace the driver side headlight three times. I recently had to replace the whole assembly because when I replaced the light bulb, I evidently did not properly lock the assembly, and it vibrated loose in traffic, and disappeared. As for the click, I have never heard it click. Even with the new headlight installed, still no high or low beam. Not sure what's going on. All comments have been helpful, though. Thank you, iFixit!

  • iPod 5th Generation (Video) Battery Replacement

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, iFixIt! I was able to replace the battery in my wife's 9-yr-old iPod Video. Believe it or not, the battery died only last year! iFixIt has been my source for repair of two Apple products now.

    I do have a suggestion for the headphone connection part - make sure the ribbon is fully seated before the brown tab is closed. I didn't, and had only one channel, so I had to take it apart again. I used my trusty Swiss Army knife to open the case; the sturdy small blade worked well. After working on a friend's Macbook Pro, I knew to expect a sturdy case. As for the headphone connection, once the ribbon cable was properly seated, it stayed in place while I very very carefully pushed the brown tab until it sort of snapped into place. When I didn't have the ribbon properly seated, the tab didn't snap into place. Even with a magnifier, it's a tricky one!

    Over all, I am impressed with iFixIt! Thanks again!!

  • iPod 5th Generation (Video) Case Replacement

    Excellent instructions! One suggestion was made to start at the bottom. The first step does show the tool used to start opening at the bottom; so, starting at the top contradicts the first step anyway. Am currently repairing a friends MBP, so have learned a lot about Apple's micro-technology. Patience is certainly a virtue here! : ) Thank you, iFixIt!! Jim W, Panama City, FL

  • Optical Drive Disc Removal Technique, or Foreign Object Removal

    Hi iFixIt! Love your website! Am using it to repair a friend's MBP 13-inch. Instructions for disassembling the optical drive call for a PH00 screwdriver. I have to use a PH0 on the one I'm working on. So, as an FYI, some of the bit sizes listed may differ from your particular situation. Thank you! Jim Willard - Panama City, FL