• Answer to: HDD not recognized with new HD cable?

    Hi Mattias Damsgaard , You can also try your hard disk on another system; if there it recognize the please check your SATA cable or you can also contact your HDD Service provider.
  • Answer to: iPhone 4 wifi connectivity dramas

    Hi GK12 If your iPhone is in warranty please contact the service provider., doing hit & trial may lose the warranty.
  • Answer to: How to recover data from damaged hard drive?

    Hi Sonic, If it is physical damage then it needs Data Recovery Lab also called CLASS 100 CLEAN ROOM where the disk is opened by the Data Recovery Expert. Such types of labs are very rare available. I suggest please don't hit & try by self or allow to open the disk by local mechanics else it might be permanently loss of Data. If it was Logical failure then i will also suggest you some software's. You can read complete details about Hard disk recovery process & Why CLASS 100 CLEAN ROOM required in Physical damage.
  • Answer to: No sound after replacing battery

    Hi sharon Just check the cable of your headphone using it on another system or try to install the Audio Driver from the Motherboard CD. I thing if your Motherboard have damaged then you have also so many problems.
  • Answer to: Internal memory recover possible?

    Hi Andy, Lots of software's are available in the market but they are not much helpful. Why don't you try some iPhone Data Recovery Expert, they can recover your data manually in 100 CleanRoom and they only cost how much you data get back.
  • Answer to: Recover Data from Internal Hard Disc

    Hi Amit, I went through the complete post but i am not satisfied with both the answers because of that it is difficult for a common user they can't open the HDD and change the plotter or PCB. If you still suffering the same situation then please don't hit & try on the HDD else you might lose data permanently. Please consult any Data Recovery Expert they will guide you step by step.
  • Answer to: Recover deleted software?

    If you are not satisfied with online softwares or you are not able to recover the data by own then you can also try for Data Recovery Service Provider Company. They can recover your all lost data
  • Answer to: Help! External HDD partiton recovery

    Your data is safe. For retrieving it back you just need to use a partition recovery software. This software will recover your data successfully.
  • Answer to: Clear all Memory from computer

    See for permanently deletion of files use a disk wiping utility. It will securely and completely delete all the data from the system.
  • Answer to: How to recover phone memory data?

    Firstly stop doing any activity with your phone as it will reduce the chances of recovering the data from the phone. And now days mobile phone data recovery solutions are available so, you can go head with that.