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  • Kindle Fire Motherboard Replacement

    Be very careful when disconnecting the antenna, and be sure to note how the cable is routed into the little socket on the motherboard. The reconnecting of the antenna cable into its motherboard port can be tricky and will require patience, persistence and perhaps a magnifier and tweezers.

  • Kindle Fire Teardown

    Step 4,5,6:

    Be careful of the wi-fi antenna connector and the routing of the cable. Carefully remove the cable from its socket, and remember how it went in when it comes time to replace it. I had a heckuva time getting that tiny connector back into its port. Without it, your wi-fi signal strength will not be sufficient to make a constant connectioin into your network

    ifixit staff: If possible, show a photo of the connector and the cable in its proper position and when it has been removed. Perhaps a close up photo of the cable connector and the port.

    Thanks for a GREAT resource, I used the ifixit tear down guide to replace the battery on my wife's Kindle Fire, then discovered a better helpful photo and comment in the Kindle Fire Power Button ifixit guide.