Hi there! ¶ 

I'm Kim Arre, a frontend software dev here at iFixit! I recently graduated from Cal Poly SLO with my degree in Computer Science.

If I weren't pursuing a coding career, I would probably be a makeup artist. In the future, I hope to find ways to combine these two passions somehow.

Super awesome makeup funtime! ¶ 

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My favorite method of destressing from school and life is by escaping to a few hours of creative makeup fun. My Bane mask shown here is probably my favorite because I freehanded it while using a reference picture from The Dark Knight Rises movie. It was done with a combination of makeup and facepaint and took about 3-4 hours to finish.

Other than face paint, I like playing around with normal beauty techniques, as well as a little bit of special effects stuff such as fake cuts and wounds.

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Protip: The iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit has the perfect tools for depotting eyeshadows from their original packaging.

With this kit and a little fire, anything is possible!

I'm a catlady! ¶ 

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These are my baby cats and I love them to death.

My grey tabby, Moose, was my first babycat. After a long search at many shelters, I found and adopted him from the animal shelter in Bakersfield.

Charlie is my other babycat. He's the one that looks like grumpy cat. Charlie is a seal bicolor ragdoll, and is the sweetest, most cuddly cat ever. Already larger than Moose, but still technically a kitten, he's the most dog-like cat I've ever met.

Band! ¶ 

I've been in band since 5th grade. My first and main instrument is clarinet. I was first chair and section leader for two years in high school.

However, I really like to dabble in all aspects of the band. Just at Cal Poly, I've done two years on cymbals, one quarter on clarinet, and a year in the color guard. I've played a couple basketball pep games on bass drum as well.

I've really enjoyed the well rounded experience I've gotten in Cal Poly's band from section-hopping. Each section has had something different and awesome to offer me.

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