• Answer to: Why won't my system boot properly?

    Here's Apple's admission of the NVIDIA 8600M GT graphics processor issue, and promise to repair free of charge if failed within 3 years of purchase, even if out of warranty:


  • iBook G4 14" 933 MHz-1.33 GHz Upper Case Replacement

    these connectors can be very loose and break from the logic board. I have left this one connected until after the next step, at which point I can pull it out more carefully and easily.

    -Dan "The Berkeley Mac Guy"

  • iBook G4 14" 933 MHz-1.33 GHz Upper Case Replacement

    If you pull it off, find a place that does micro-soldering. What a pain!

    Check your local Chinatown, you might find someone who worked in an electronics factory, like I did. Or scrap the thing and check on for a replacement.

  • PowerBook G4 Aluminum 17" 1-1.67 GHz Display Replacement

    when going backwards, be sure to check the previous step before performing this one, to line up the black plastic bits to their places - just inside of the metal screws. if you attach the display without lining them up, you will have to remove it again to re-align them.