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  • Answer to: Why wont it read the game I put in it?

    Hello Have a look at the connector, one or more pin(s) might be folded, so they don't contact where they should, or contact where they should not... Not sure it can be fixed if the pins are too much damaged.
  • Answer to: Is it worth replacing hard drive?

    Hello PATA or ATA (the first ATA were all "parallel ATA") and SATA are different **physical** interfaces, with different connectors, so you can't use an HD of a different type from the computer connector. PATA connector uses a "large" 80 contacts connector , not so large, because laptops use 2,5' HD, smaller than HD's in desktops, but with as many signals and so as many contacts (or maybe only around 40 contacts against 80, because on desktops, one side of the connector has only "ground" contacts). SATA (for Serial ATA) connectors use far less than 40 contacts. The massive shift from PATA to SATA began in 2006/2007, so it would be safer to find info on the net using the exact Apple reference (model type/serial number : there should be a metal sticker somewhere under you laptop) or to have a look at the current HD.
  • Answer to: IPad want turn on after rain damage

    Hello I'm afraid there is some water left inside your Ipad... The first time you dried it, water that could short-circuit your mother board has moved or vapored, but some water was still here and moved from an "no matter" place to a disturbing one... It would help to know how are positioned the different modules in an Ipad, so as to shake it to send water near the vents and not to "electrically water-sensible" dead-ends . In your place, I would send my Ipad to an over-heated but well ventilated bathroom, in such a position that air flows in it, and I would wait for a couple of days (or more) I "almost" recovered an eee-pc after an unplanned bath : it was dripping in any position you could hold it... but after letting it drip for a while in every position, I put it in the sun every time I could for a week (I was in Madagascar, far from home) and when i got home, I used the bathroom method. It runs "almost fine" now, except I'll have to change the keyboard, because "esc" seems to be the only dead key, very usef...
  • Answer to: How can I recover data from my hardrive?

    hello you say your screen is burned out, but you don't say if your computer boots, either from the internal HD or from an internal or external DVD unit, using a Linux live-CD/DVD for instance This would allow, connected to an external screen, rather than taking your hard drive out of the case, to copy the contents of your drive to an external USB hard disk ? Update: If you see leds blinking and hear some clicks when you turn your computer on, it means it probably boots. Try to find and connect an external screen. There should be an external screen connector on one of the edges of your laptop (probably the rear one). Every laptop has such connector, and a control key to switch from internal screen to external, and to both of them, that's very useful for people performing Powerpoint (or equivalent) slide shows. I am not a Mac user, but the user manual probably says how to switch screens. When you have your external screen, computer powered off, connect the screen, turn it on, and then turn/push on your MBA. If ...
  • Answer to: Why won't my Nikon D5100 won't detect my sd card?

    Hello, Maybe you should have a look at your "undetectable" ("furtive"?) SD card. One of mine "lost" a very small L-shaped piece of plastic, in the upper-right corner when you face the connector contacts upwards. The small "write protect" tab did not fall yet, but my 2 DSCs pretend there is no SD card when I slide in this one... I'll try to glue the missing part with cyanoacrylic glue... as soon as i find the missing piece (should be in my "batteries, loaders, cards and cables" box, I hope ;-) These card are very very delicate, many of them spill pieces or break open, even if you try to handle them kindly...