• Amazon Fire TV Teardown

    I bet the RFID is for sales, not manufacturing. Amazon will read the ID when it's boxed for shipping and tie it to the owner. That way once you receive the unit and connect it to the net, it will phone home and ask who it's owner is. Then download the appropriate account settings.

  • Amazon Fire TV Teardown

    Easy, less board equals less cost. Put only the amount of board in the unit that you need. Always been this way for most electronics.

  • iPhone 6 Teardown

    NFC doesn't need "coils" unless it's a low power device. The iPhone is not low power.

  • iPhone 6 Plus Teardown

    I'm amazed at how people do not understand RAM usage in a modern OS. Android still suffers from outdated methods, so it needs more RAM. iOS and WP do not need more RAM. More RAM would provide zero benefit.

  • Amazon Fire Phone Teardown

    Looks like battery is easy to replace at least. Too bad the display is not.

  • Microsoft Surface Teardown

    This site states the proper resolution:

    Life's the same, except for the shoes...