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  • Answer to: Loud crackling static sound on iPhone 5 call?

    Did it work? I am having the same problem here... the problem is this static sound only happens every few days...
  • Answer to: Only top of screen is visible, rest is white/negative

    yes, you can put the "invert colors" function for better readability on the triple home button click. but then the display would be completely inverted. since only a part of your screen is inverted it is definitely a broken lcd.
  • Answer to: swollen battery for the second time, how come?

    i don't think it will happen again. It's not your fault! Chances are your iphone 4 battery already had a few hundred cycles on it. you should get an iphone 4 put a jailbreak on it and use "batteryinfo" to read out the number of cycles before you place the "new" battery into a customers iphone....
  • Answer to: Why does the backlight flicker after screen repair

    hello there. I agree with iwillfix. I found that original lcd (the one with the black stripes left and right only have this problem extremely seldom.. but the copy/half original LCD on the cheaper displays have this problem much more often. a burn-in of about 15 minutes to several hours will fix this problem most of the time. Since we offer to repair the displays within 30 minutes for our customers.. i tend to buy the original lcd displays... but i tested a new supplier who said it is original but it is not.. ugh... so i have to write a formal paper now to inform my customers about this burn in procedure...
  • Answer to: How to connect a RC Charger to iPhone 4 batteries?

    I finally fixed it(.com) haha ;) Turns out this was a no-brainer... I better should delete the picture I took before someone else notices it. Solution: To read the voltage I connect my multimeter to PIN 1 and 4. So why on earth did I try to connect the charger to PIN 1 and 2?! So embarrassed...
  • Answer to: iPhone 4 Wifi Antena to Logic board screw nut.

    The nut is without purpose IMHO. In every 3rd iPhone of my customers that nut is separated from the logic boards and their wifi is fine. In my opinion it is a predetermined breaking point. If the iPhone fell down it will easily break off. I guess when it is missing, Apple Technician can tell that somebody tampered with the iPhone already. So if you are fixing an iPhone for a customer who still is under warranty, better put it inside there again after you are done. Just hold the nut with a tweezer while you tighten the screw.
  • Answer to: How to connect a RC Charger to iPhone 4 batteries?

    It can do both. You also can program your own charging/discharging programs. Like discharge at 300mah until empty then charge at 1000mah until full. Then discharge at 800mah which would simulate heavy using like 3d gaming or gps navigation. It also can then transfer the discharge chart to the pc so you can see if the voltage dropped below a certain value which would make the iPhone shut down in real life. The situation right now is like this: The charger starts charging at 4,2V and 1000mah. (that is milliamps per hour, the same the official apple wall charger uses). But after about 25 seconds the charger says it's full... So am I doing something wrong? Will it work eventually with a hint of one of you? Please help! :D
  • Answer to: iPhone 3G keeps losing signal/service

    and don't forget to ACTIVATE your iPhone after a restore! Otherwise it tell you "no signal"... kept me busy for over 5 hours with mainboard and dock connector swapping... :(
  • Answer to: Loud speaker does not work. how can I troubleshoot further?

    So it's 5 months later now, did the suggestion of michael work? I am eager to know how this story ended! ;)