• iPhone 4 stopped ringing

    Speaker, alarm and ringtones all work when testing but when called phone does not ring. (It's not on silent)


  • Answer to: Why iPhone 4 doesn't vibrate?

    The connectors for the vibrating motor are just the foldover metal contacts. I've had two customers i 4's with problems with non or intermittent working vibrating motors. fix was to remove it and gently pry out the bent connectors. Update: To add to the above. it's an easy 5 minute repair. Only need to drop off the back, remove the battery and then the two screws in the top right hand corner holding in the motor. (Different on the 4S version)
  • Answer to: Battery removal short circuit occurrence

    can't tell without testing. I have found some of the cheap replacement batteries worse than useless so buy one from here. E bay ones don't last and I have even had one that was such a poor fit to the connector that when it was removed it pulled the connection off the motherboard so be careful