• Drains battery so fast

    Iphone 5 is drainging battery so fast. Battery charges to full charge then drains to 0% within 2 hours phone gets so hot,if y...
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    Bought iPad thought I can repair problem is communication board has developed a fault it won't activate tried another comm bo...
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  • Answer to: Water damaged, Can't restore, error 2001. Battery replaced.

    Firstly I would take the motherboard out and give it a good clean with alcohol then check the actual battery connection on the board if its loose or residue. Try new battery after. Error 21 is battery related hope it helps
  • Answer to: iPhone is dead after replacing battery and button

    Take battery out keep phone plugged in charger test battery terminal on board with mutimeter if you get a reading then your board is ok battery is faulty if you don't get a reading most likely 1 of ic's have gone on board most likely need reflowing or replacing
  • Answer to: Please help! Battery iPhone 5

    I have same problem with my iPhone.i think its problem with power management ic. If the phone has not been opened send it back to apple with original things and they should sort it out. Update: I got a new battery charged it my mates phone and put charged battery in my iPhone it worked as long as I didn't let battery die would charge up aswell but once battery died it just would not boot. I just bought 2 new batteries but its just not booting up nothing just hoping to reflow power management ic.but I'll try doing what old turkey said first though let you know outcome. But if you have original things in it send it back to apple doesn't matter if it is out of warranty.there has been lot of problems on ios 7 with battery so they should sort it for free worth a shot
  • Answer to: Can't resolve itunes error 21 for restore.

    Baseband error is 1 or -1 got a iphone 4s giving error 1 there was a small ic missing. Error 21 is battery or battery connections check properly hopefully you should sort it out
  • Answer to: Can't resolve itunes error 21 for restore.

    If your phone was water damaged you have to change battery hopefully thats your problem. Error 21 is always to do with battery or battery connections. Replace battery if that doesn't work check battery connector on logic board might be damaged hopefully should sort it out had the same problem.
  • Answer to: My iPhone 4s dropped in water...Logic Board issue?

    Try cleaning with isopropyl alcohol 90plus %. If you are comfortable with opening the phone. Give it a good clean with toothbrush or similar should come back to life hopefully. But be careful in disconnecting battery from connector it's very fragile