• Answer to: Where can I buy one of these pentalobe tools

    There are many sellers on eBay that have the pentalobe screwdriver for sale that will work on the iPhone 4 and 4s back glass screws. In a lot of cases the eBay sellers include the pentalobe screwdriver with the purchase of a back iPhone 4/4s back cover or a front screen. There are sellers that have the driver by itself for a minimal coast. If you want to get the driver quickly I suggest you buy from a "US" seller instead of a seller that is in another country because it takes much longer to get the driver from them in most cases.Hope this helps.
  • Answer to: iFixit LCD Vs. eBay LCD (iPhone 4s)

    Ha guys, I new to this form but for what its worth I was looking at the screens they have on eBay and just saw one for around $35.00 and they claim a three year warranty. (US Seller) no doubt they come from China but if the warranty is legit it seems like a good deal? Im open to any suggestions anyone may have with first hand experience with this situation.