• Nexus 7 Teardown

    Silly perhaps in style... Apple often dismisses the lack of serviceability by claiming that certain assembly methods are necessary to provide the thinnest and lightest package at an feasible cost. Given the spirit of the ifixit’s “Repairability Score”, the rhetoric employed by the author seems perfectly valid to me. I read this section as a challenge to Apple to do better. But I suspect the truth about why Apple does packaging the way the do is as follows: 1. Make it harder for users and competitors to see what's really inside, 2. Make it harder and more expensive to repair the devices, which leads to reason 3. Maximize profits- A very small part of which is reducing manufacturing costs, the major capitalization of this approach comes from encouraging users to upgrade every few years and skip all that DIY fixit stuff. Non-user replaceable batteries are a sure fire way to guarantee the finite lifecycle of any given device.