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  • Yellow Light of Death Repair

    I was able to get through the guide with little issue. The process took a little longer than the 1 hour suggested but the guide did an excellent job of guiding what to do and where things were.

    The issue that I have with the repair is that it lasted less than 24 hours. I know that there is no guarantee that the fix will work or even how long it will last once completed but after seeing the YLOD return the next morning I couldn't help but feel that my 180 minutes (I took my time to ensure everything was done properly) could have been better spent driving to a store to buy a new PS3.

    In short-Great guide but questionable results.

  • Yellow Light of Death Repair

    The point of the guide is to help those that already have the YLOD. 99 people out of 100 that look at this guide have no need for preventative maintenance because the damage is already done. Also, if your PS3 in not working, there is little to no risk of breaking anything. If I have a YLOD I don't care that heat gunning my RSX chip might warp the board because it's already broke.